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Plants for Sale

We specialize in tropical plants but first and foremost focus on special houseplants that add beauty and interest to any space.  Most plants available for shipping are either seedlings (propagated), 4", and 6" sizes. Larger plants, including full-grown trees, are available for pick-up and for our design services.

See our Shop for plants and accessories or view our Catalog for custom orders.


We're one of the few indoor plant shops online that not only offers unique plants but also accessories you need to keep your plants healthy and to display your plants in your home. From specialized soil to moss poles to plant hangers and plant pots, we have everything you need to start your plant obsession!

Plant Styling

Want to add plants to your home but don't know where to start, don't know where to buy, don't know how to care for them, don't know how to display them, or simply don't have the time? We provide design services that start with a consult. Once we understand your space and style, we will present you with recommendations for both plants and corresponding decor and design the space for you for an hourly fee. Our plan will not only be based on your interests but on each plant's needs (water, soil, and light requirements, for example).  We are local to the Bay Area but can also arrange for virtual consults.

View our portfolio for past work, and email us for more information.

Plant Care

We understand.  It takes a lot to care for plants... the right lighting, the right humidity, the right watering, repotting... And if you leave for vacation?  Forget about it!  We can help.  We offer regular plant care visits if you're in the North Bay Area as well as plant sitting when you're on vacation.  If you're out of the area, we can provide consults over email or Zoom.  All plans are customizable based on your needs. 


Email us for a quote today.

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