This is one rare baby!  One rarely sees these on the market.  Mine is a propagation that I've babied in a terrarium-type environment.  It's well-rooted in sphagnum moss and should be kept in a high-humid environment and in a well-draining substrate - at least initially - until it's used to your environment.  


This has a delightful classic heart-shaped velvet leaf with a strong vining and climbing pattern - similar to the Philodendron micans, but more dainty and heart-shaped.  Fun fact: This one matures to look completely different, with an elongated form and pronounced lobes.  


The fine print:


Comes bare-root wrapped in sphagnum moss for safer and affordable shipping.  When you receive this plant in the mail, I suggest unwrapping the saran wrap, and placing the plant (along with its moss) in a small pot to acclimate to your surroundings.  Lightly mist with water if the moss is dry.


NOTE:  My plants are often stored in high humidity.  Store your plant in a high-light, humid environment to acclimate your plant to its new environment.  The pot pictured is not included with the plant, but you can find this one or many other vintage pots and plant accessories in my shop!

    Philodendron lupinum (4") - Live Rare House Plant