Sure, you can buy a pot from Target or Pottery Barn, but if you could 1) be completely unique, 2) same money, and 3) do your (tiny) part to help the Earth by upcycling, why wouldn't you?  


Here's your chance.  This is an adorable ceramic planter by Haeger Potteries dating back to... *gasp* 1852.  No, it's not *that* old; I estimate it dates to the '60s or '70s.  It's in great shape, with a couple of marks here and there but nothing major and no grazing, cracks, or breaks.  


Sorry, plant not included.


This measures 8" L X 5" W X 4" H.  Snatch this up before I keep it for my collection!


Mid-Century Ceramic Planter / Plant Pot