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Rub your finger along the velvety foliage of a Silvery Ann.  Stand in awe under two-to-three-foot Alocasia Calidora leaf... in your bedroom.  Watch the vines of a Giant Golden Pothos reach for the ceiling.  Witness a baby Monstera Deliciosa leaf - bright green and shiny - slowly unfurl.

The days of a dusty ficus in the office corner or a neglected fern in the kitchen are over. Revel in the exquisite beauty plants can bring to your space and learn how easily (and inexpensively) you can incorporate plants into your home.

We love plants... probably too much so. :) This business grew out of a hobby. We only collect... and sell... plants that we form a connection with.  These are often rare and hard-to-find plants, but not always. But all work within our space and beautify our lives.

We've learned everything we can about plant cultivation, propagation, and indoor plant design, and now we're thrilled to share those learnings with you.

Visit our services page to see what we offer.

Diana and Thorin

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